Subway restaurants spends a great deal of annoying advertising promoting its “$5 Footlong” campaign. When they first began the promotion, EVERY footlong sub sandwich was $5. Later, Subway changed all of the advertising so that only SELECT footlong sandwiches were $5. Months later, their commercials returned to saying every footlong sandwich was $5, even driving the point home with various people in the spot chanting “any, any, any footlong” every two seconds. I recently saw an advertisement once again depicting only SELECT footlongs as $5.


Can anyone make up their mind here??? How is the average customer supposed to remember what random days Subway is going to decide to charge $5 for any footlong sandwich and what days they’re going to save the deal for select ones?!? After repeatedly pounding in the irritating message of “any, any, any footlong” over and over into viewers’ cortexes, how can you expect any Subway customer to order a footlong and accept a $7 charge, as I did a couple of months ago?!?!